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I might be the only person you’ll hear to say that I like rainy days. I feel they’re great for writing. So it was in a happy mood Monday morning that I was compiling ideas for an article. With a small fire crackling in our wood stove, and the dogs napping, everything was still enough for read more



30+ Do YOU do This?

anoymous surveyTake part in my open anonymous survey. It’s for an article I’m writing. If you’ve got a few seconds, I’d be curious to know what you have do say…





Rare Heart edition of Vocal Vibes

A get together with friends turns into a tragedy and treated as a crime scene. In this edition of Vocal Vibes my guest Ken shares with us why he urges others to ask the questions he didn’t.


I call this my internet galaxy because of the array of projects that I’ll be sharing with you here.

Sometimes I feel that I’m jumping between planets when I move from writing to graphic art/photography to singing/recording. Though a few of my projects have their own website, this is the one place that you’ll find info on or links to all of my works.

Please make yourself comfortable and take a cruise through; listen to my music, read some of my writings and drop me a note if you have a question.

New articles are posted on my Writing page. There you can also read more about my e-book. You can sample and purchase Before The Mist in multiple formats from Smashwords.


my Seeing Circles chair for the Send A Kid to Camp auction

Seeing Circles

Year 3 of painting a Muskoka chair for the  Send-A-Kid to Camp program charity chair auction. Sudbury Manitoulin Children’s Foundation has an online and silent auction every year to raise funds for this wonderful program.

Circles of all sorts are the inspiration for my aptly named “Seeing Circles” chair. The motivation of the design is to celebrate the circles in the circle of life – Friends, Family, Healing, Prayer, the Sun, Moon and Earth.

“In total we raised $ 5074.23 for our “Send-A-Kid To Camp” program which translates to approximately 13 kids who can go to camp!” Said Tanya T the Events Director for SMCF.



Video edition of April’s Vocal Vibes show – In The Mood



Vocal Vibes Prize Winners

Draw February 23/13 winner Sunday Wilde – prize: Corin Raymond’s book and double CD Paper Nickels

Draw Mar 9/13 winner Gwyn Auger – prize: a signed copy of Sue Leonard’s limited edition EP Bend

Draw Mar 23/13 winner Pauline Miskovich – prize: a $25 gift card from Nature’s Cave

Draw Apr 6/13 no winner  – no correct answers

Draw Apr 20/13 winner Nora Moncton – prize: a copy of Phyllis Wheaton’s book In the Mood for Peace – The Story of The Izzy Doll, and her CD In Harms Way

Draw May 4/13 no winner  – no entries


My Bird Berber

my virtual adoption bird BerberAt the end of July I did something I’d wanted to do for months. I picked one of the very many adorable parrots at the World Parrot Refuge and signed up for a virtual adoption. It’s so easy to help the WPR help these birds. With my monthly donation of $10, Berber is a happy – and well cared for camper – until the end of his days. 

This pic was taken in 2011 shortly after he was taken in by the WPR. I’ll post updates on my feathered friend over the next few months. From the World Parrot Refuge website you can pick a bird too.




Team Power  

Team Icicle Hands walked on May 15, 2011

Team Icicle Hands raised $3251.32 dollars for 2012

This year Team Icicle Hands grew in numbers to 25 members.

For the 2012 Walk to Fight Arthritis we raised $3251.32 dollars. 

All of the funds raised across the country will go toward leading-edge
research and programs that support people living with arthritis.  

Thank you very much to all of the people who sponsored members of
Team Icicle Hands and to everyone on the team.